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South Shore Romper

South Shore Romper

I’ve never worn a romper before. When the romper came back into style a couple of years ago, I SWORE I would never wear one. But, you know how that goes. If you say you will never do something, there’s always that chance that you’ll end up eating your own words. With so many other styles for women popping up everywhere, I just couldn’t get rompers out of my brain. I longed for the comfy, yet fashionable look of rompers. So I finally jumped on the romper train, and found myself purchasing the “South Shore Romper Pattern” by Ellie and Mac
Besides being a total newbie to this trend, I was a little nervous about the top design. I have large breasts, and it makes me extremely uncomfortable to show cleavage. I normally stick to high necklines but this pattern has a gathered wrap style in the front. I decided to try this pattern anyway, and I’m so glad that I did! I had zero issues with the front of the top popping open or sliding down, which was a huge thumbs up in my book.

This pattern features five different sleeve options (tank aka sleeveless, short, 3/4, long, and bell sleeves), three pant lengths (shorts, capri, and full-length pants), a gathered wrap style bodice, and an optional side seam pocket and a tied waist sash. 

Ellie and Mac Patterns are drafted for a 5’4 wearer. This sewing pattern is available in women’s sizes XXS through 5XL. 

For this sewing pattern, you need four way knit fabric with 50% stretch and good recovery. I used Cotton Lycra

For my version, I went with the short sleeves and shorts. I wanted an outfit that would scream “summer fashion”.
This romper was made using “Rust Red Boho Floral Knit” from Girl Charlee. This fabric totally gave me kaleidoscopes vibes. It’s a medium weight cotton lycra knit, with nice drape and 4 way stretch. I snagged this fabric back in July when Girl Charlee was having a sale on floral prints, so it only came to $3.38 a yard! I love how comfy this fabric is. I also love that it isn’t see-through, so I don’t need to worry about wearing extra layers underneath.
I made mine in a size medium with a 2 yard cut, and I still have left-over fabric. 

I volunteer on a daily basis in my kiddo’s elementary school. I decided to add extra length to the shorts so they followed school dress code policy. I added 3 inches to the shorts length and hemmed the bottom of the shorts 1 inch instead of 1/2 an inch the pattern calls for. So technically I added 2 1/2 inches onto the bottom length.
I also placed the pockets 3 inches down from the waistline instead of the 2 inches the pattern calls for.

I’ll admit, I have never been able to tie a “cute” bow in my life. Mine always turn out lopsided and droopy. I’ve done everything I can think of, and it just doesn’t work out. So, for my own sake, I think I will add heat bond to the sash to give it a more defined and structured look instead of being so floppy.
One of my biggest pet peeves with women’s clothing is the lack of pocket size. I don’t know who told designers that women wanted small, petite pockets that you can’t even fit a Kit-Kat in. But take it from me when I say that we absolutely DON’T. We want real pockets that actually hold our phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and probably all of our kid’s stuff that we told them not to bring, but they did anyways. I LOVE the big, roomy pockets on the South Shore Romper. It’s so nice knowing I can leave the house in this outfit, and have room in my pockets to throw my belongings in. Next time, I will use fabric with less stretch so they don’t dangle or stretch out as much.
Lastly, I may grade the shorts to be a little slimmer. When I sit down they tend to fall down on my thighs so I may see if grading helps so they aren’t so wide.

For my hems, I used a blind hem on my serger, and then top stitched them on my sewing machine using a length of 4.5.

It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with this Romper trend, and I see many more working themselves into my closet. I definitely want to make one with full length pants for a more sophisticated look.

A word from the designer.
“The South Shore Romper PDF Sewing Pattern is so comfortable, you will not want to take it off!  It features optional side seam pockets, five sleeve options, and shorts, capri, or full-length pants options!  You will love that you can make this for all seasons!

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