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Blank Adult Shirt Tailored Into Kid's Apparel

Blank Adult Shirt Tailored Into Kid's Apparel

I purchased a couple of blank adult t-shirts from Michaels earlier this year when they were on sale. Originally, I thought it would be a good idea to have some blank t-shirts on hand for last minute Cricut projects. I’m totally that extremely cheesy person who loves to match and coordinate events, parties, or holidays. 
I’m sure other moms will also nod in unison when I say the supplies I bought to make myself something, actually went into making my KIDS something. The things we do for love, am I right?

My husband and I made plans to take the boys to the Ogden Raptors Fan Fest event. They’re a local minor league baseball team that play about 15 minutes from where we live. We attend multiple sports games with our boys, but given that the Ogden Raptors stadium is so close, it’s easy to enjoy baseball games during the summer. Let me tell you, we had such a fun time at their Fan Fest. The boys played some games, walked around the stadium, ate some food, cheered on the batters, met some players, and even caught a couple of foul balls! The Raptors are one of the farm teams for the LA Dodgers so it’s a lot of fun seeing so many local players move up and play for our favorite MLB team.

Player: Justin Yurchak, number 33, Infield Blank Adult Shirt Tailored Into Kid's Apparel- Sewing Project by Semi Sweet Crafter

Player: Justin Yurchak, number 33, Infield
Blank Adult Shirt Tailored Into Kid's Apparel- Sewing Project by Semi Sweet Crafter

Making the boys some shirts for the game was a last minute idea. I realized the night before that my husband and I were going to wear Dodgers jerseys to the event, but the boys had outgrown their baseball gear. Luckily, I already had the pattern printed and taped together, so I got started on copying the pattern onto tracing paper (I don’t like to cut up my actual pattern pieces), and getting the fabric cut out and ready to be sewn. I didn’t go to bed until after midnight, but I thought if I could just get them prepped, then I can sew them together the next day. 
I ran some quick errands the morning of the event, and then rushed back home to get started on the shirts. I turned on my serger, used a scrap piece of fabric to test out my thread tension, clipped the pieces together, and went to start sewing the first line when…..the power went out. I contacted our power company and they said only 14 people were affected and the power would be restored by 4pm. Our event would start at 5pm, which wouldn’t give me enough time to finish the shirts. At that point all I could think was “What are the odds that we would be one of the 14 people affected by this all morning and afternoon power outage? Why universe? WHY?!”. 
Luckily, the power came back on a couple hours later, and without any hesitation, I ran over to my desk and started sewing like a mad-woman. I ended up finishing both shirts about half an hour before we had to leave. It gave me just enough time to get the boys fed, dressed, and out the door.
Crazy, but true story. 

Our youngest is in size 4 clothing, and I used an adult medium shirt for his. Our oldest wears size 7 in clothing, so I used an adult large shirt for his. Because I was using fabric already made into a t-shirt, I took advantage of the folds and hems that were already sewn. The base of the boys shirts were sewn under the arms of the adult t-shirts and I shortened the bottom of the boys shirts by just under an inch so I could skip the step of hemming myself and use the hem on the adult shirts instead. The middle of the hood and the armbands needed to also be cut on folds, so I used the shoulder blades and sleeve folds for those.

After I cut out the pattern pieces, I followed the tutorial included with the pattern to sew up the tank tops. The Jordan pattern is a youth unisex top that includes three different lengths (straight top, split hem, and dress length), five different sleeve options (sleeveless with bands, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, and long sleeves with thumb holes), two neckline options (neckband, unlined/lined hood), and an optional Kangaroo pocket.
I paired a sleeveless straight top shirt length with an unlined hood for both boys. I wanted them to stay cool for summer, but also have the option the wear the hood to shield their eyes from the sun. The shoulder bands, neckline, and hood were top stitched using a straight stitch and gray thread on my regular sewing machine to give it a professional and finished look.

For the logo I used a SVG file I found on Etsy, and some Sister EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl in colors royal blue, white, and red from Vinyl Supply Mart. My husband purchased me a Cricut Maker for my birthday this year, so I was able to upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space and cut it out on the vinyl. I have absolutely LOVED having a Cricut Maker for so many different crafts.

With the help of my Cricut Maker and the Jordan sewing pattern from Made For Mermaids, I was able to tailor these blank adult t-shirts into some super adorable child’s apparel for our local baseball team’s event. Here are some pictures of our boys wearing their mama-made apparel.
What projects have you made out of recycling other clothing?

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