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Twice The Charm - Bowtie and Suspender Sets

Twice The Charm - Bowtie and Suspender Sets

As many of you know I am quite a passionate person when it comes to hand makers. I mean, the whole Semi Sweet Crafter Blog is built around hand making and the DIY genre. If you get a chance to step into that community you will find so many driven creative individuals and small businesses. It’s truly such an inspiring journey to be a part of. With that in mind, I am thrilled to talk about the handmade shop “Twice The Charm” and the brains behind the sewing machine, Brittany Cass.
I had the pleasure of first meeting Brittany 6 years ago when she started working at iHeart Radio with my husband. She joined the team as the Assistant Marketing Director and was such a fun, bubbly gal. I knew right away that I just adored her. It's hard to believe that was so many years ago.

I contacted Brittany back in March in the hopes of purchasing some of her adorable bowties and suspenders for a photo session the boys and I had scheduled with Rocio Stewart Photography. Brittany was sweet, professional, and highly helpful. I had already picked out a color scheme I wanted to stick with for our photo session, which included a floral maxi dress I purchased for myself. Brittany has such a wide variety of colors to chose from in her shop that it made it simply easy to find the perfect shade to match my dress.

I stalked my mailbox as soon as she told me the products were shipped. Our local mailman probably thought I was a weirdo, as a peered out the window anytime I heard his truck. I was practically a child laying in front of the window and watching the cars go by. I honestly just couldn’t wait to see the handmade goodies she had made for me. Shipping only took a couple of days and once the package arrived  (thanks for putting up with me mailman!), I immediately opened it up. I was struck with "ohhhh's and ahhhhh's" at how adorable they were. I promptly tried one of the sets on my 3-year-old little boy and my husband as a witness can tell you that Paxton didn’t even want to take it off! He kept prancing around the house like a prince and said they were his "pretty clothes". 
Brittany takes that little bit of extra time to package up orders cute, professionally, and ready to gift the second you check out of your online shopping cart. I really appreciate that aspect of a small business. 
One of my favorite things about Twice The Charm shop is that every product is handmade. You’re getting a high quality and professional product made by Brittany every single time, while supporting a mom and wife in the community of hand makers.
She has a wide variety of products ranging from bow ties, suspenders, hair bows, tie up headbands, scarfs, and swaddle blankets. They’re stylish, excellent quality, and the perfect quick gift for any person on your list.

Brittany is an Identical twin to her sister Brionna, a spouse to her military husband, and a mother to her three beautiful children. Her favorite after bedtime treats are chocolate and Dr. Pepper (I can totally relate). 
Brittany opened the doors to her online shop, Twice The Charm, back in 2016 on Valentine's Day. She said it was a long time coming since loving to sew was anything but new. She and her sister loved to craft and sew together. They started selling just between the occasional close friend or family member, but when the word got out about her darling products, she quickly got a lot more inquiries. It made a lot of sense to officially open up an online shop as a way to spread their creativity with a wider variety of people. 

You can follow Twice The Charm’s shop on Brittany’s favorite social media platform (Instagram), where she posts notifications regarding discounts and giveaways. She also on Facebook, Etsy, and sells some of her products on Jane.com for a discounted price. How cool is that? Her most popular products are the suspender and bowtie sets which is what I ordered as well. You can mix and match them for that perfect combination that’ll blow the socks off all your friends and loved ones. 
Thank you so much to my dear friend Rocio Stewart with Rocio Stewart Photography for capturing these beautiful photos of my family and to Brittany Cass with Twice The Charm for sharing your artistry with me. You can head on over to Twice The Charm’s Etsy Shop to check out her available products.

Disclosure Note: I received Suspender and Bowtie sets from Brittany Cass with Twice The Charm, for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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